Sunday, 30 December 2012

What are Your Goals for 2013

Today I experienced the re-emergence of one of my personalities; my overwhelmingly independent, Jones.

She took hold today with a sudden, ‘Sort your stuff out and stop making excuses’ revelation. She’s either going to get me into a lot of trouble or some seriously amazing adventures. Or hopefully both!

With ‘Independent Jones’ re-emergence, I set about making my 2013 list of things I want to achieve to make me a happier, better and well-rounded person (suggestions for a catchier name, welcomed!). Some of them are heroic, some are simple. But all mean the world to me.

Goal 1: Volunteer

I’ve done a little, but I want more! Be the change you want to see in the world, hey!

Goal 2: Visit a new continent

Following on from last year’s goal. You can always strive for more! I’d very much like to tie this into the above goal.

Goal 3: Learn to ski 

I can currently snowboard. So before I leave the majestic Canadian Rockies, I want to cross over to the dark side.

Goal 4: Learn to play the guitar

Like a true hippy.

Goal 5: Pierce my tongue
Consider this my quarter life crisis coming through! Always wanted to do it. Need to get it done.

Goal 6:
I promise to make a change in my life that will see me moving forward towards everything I ever wanted to achieve.

What are the goals you would like to achieve in 2013 to make your a happier and better person? Comment below or as always, to my personal e-mail address if you want to keep them private. I respond to everyone who gets in touch with me!

Live and Love everyone
Jonesy x